Sunday, 11 March 2012

Extra classes to Year 5 and 1 pupils

Woke up as usual and prepared some food for the pupils......Went to the school due to extra classes for the Year 5 and 1 pupils at the school library..I brought my youngest son too because he really wanted to learn too...It's fine to me..haha..At least, he can learn something new too. 

The class for Year 5 started at 8.00 am to 9.20 am...Luckily, all the targeted pupils were present so that the class ran smoothly. Some exercises were given...focusing on Section A for Paper 2...which needs them to create 5 sentences based on the picture and information given. 5 out of 7 pupils were able to  create the sentences with less guidance but the other 2 pupils need to be drilled more on the writing skill with guidance.

The next slot was for Year 1, from 9.30 am to 10.30am. In order to improve their mechanic of writing, I did a copy writing exercise for them. They need to copy down all the words correctly and neatly legible print. And, at the same time, by copying, they could say and spell the words correctly. Such as :

man  -   He is a man                                    mat - This is a mat                   pan  - This is a pan.

( This is one of the simplest way to teach how to create sentences ) 

I really hope that they can improve a lot after having the extra classes done.  

                                                   ( Practices make PERFECT )

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